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Your baby snakes have escaped the nest. You, the momma snake, need to to bring your babies back to the nest for safety. How many of your babies, can you bring back!?

To move the momma snake, a.k.a. the big snake, either press the arrow keys or W(up),  A(left),  S(down), and D(right), you also have to press the space bar with the head of the big snake, the hexagon,  near one of the small red snakes to pick it up. If you successfully pick up a small red snake, the big snake will turn red. Once that happens, you have to go to the brown circle, while avoiding the other small red snakes, as if you come into contact with one of the other small red snakes the snake you picked up will escape and you have to try to pick it up again. Once the head of the big snake, the hexagon is in the brown circle, you press the space bar to put it down. If you successfully put down the snake you picked up, the big snake will turn blue again and the snake you picked up will no longer appear to be moving on the screen. You repeat until you have put down all the small red snakes in the brown circle. As you move on you will have to pick up more small red snakes at a time. Enjoy and have fun!

An updated version of the game is up! The mechanics are still the same, the updated version (hopefully) fixed some response issues and the executable before the game no longer shows, making it more official. The updated versions have the same name as the original files just with 2.0. Finally, I would like to thank the itch.io users vimino and redstonie for their feedback and suggestions.


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Escaped Snakes Sample Video.mp4 27 MB
Rachid's Escaped Snakes Project README.docx 16 kB
Escaped Snakes.zip 1 MB
Escaped Snakes 2.0 Sample Video.mp4 16 MB
Rachid's Escaped Snakes 2.0 Project README.docx 16 kB
Escaped Snakes 2.0.zip 1 MB

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